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The Community Web Initiative

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Salisbury & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry present:
South Wiltshire Business Expo 2005 on 28th September.

Learning on the Move in SP5 - Salisbury College's MLU
visits Winterslow on 7th July 2003 for 4 weeks

Rio+10 Earth FestivalRio+10 Earth Festival - 7th & 8th September 2002

Community Web's 2nd AGM report, held on 9th March 2002
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Wiltshire and Swindon Pathfinder Project Website
Steering Committee Minutes - Click Here
(updated on 16th February 2003 - 82kb)
Final Project Summaries - Click Here

My experiences of connecting to the Internet

Salisbury District Council's Standards Committee
Quality Town and Parish Councils - Click Here
(responses due by 31st January 2002)
Report on the Community Planning Workshop at Downton in May 2001

The Parish Website


Steam Train at Dean StationThis Website will illustrate the Parish way of life and bring together some of the resources that exist on the Internet for enhancing the Web Surfing experience. The essence of the World Wide Web is in the ease with which it is possible to navigate between Websites by the use of 'hyperlinks'.
Accepted Internet convention means that underlined text on a web page should link the visitor to the source of additional information. This Website is first being published during the first week of the new Millennium (2000) by Richard Parsons who has been the Clerk to the West Dean Parish Council since 1991. Please communicate suggestions to on how this Website might be developed into the future.

King George's HallThe Community Web Initiative came about as the result of a 'computer awareness' day organised in King George's Hall, West Dean on 10th February 2000. A semi-retired Church of England Canon living in the Village suggested that there were probably many other local people who could benefit from the opportunity of getting to grips with computers.
Canon John Sharpe agreed to act as Chairman of the group and a draft constitution was prepared. During the first year a total of eighteen meetings were held in West Dean and over 100 individuals attended at least once.
The first Annual General meeting was held on 22nd February 2001 and the
minutes of that meeting are published here.

Online Computer set-up The plan evolving for 2001 is to organise visits to Village Halls in neighbouring Parishes. The objective is to stimulate people's curiosity such that they develop an interest in learning more about the benefits of using the Internet. The first visit was to Winterslow Village Hall on Thursday, 26th April and the last in the current series was to the new Dinton Village Hall in Bratch Lane on Thursday, 28th June. A short report of each meeting is available by using the hyperlinks listed below.

Click here for the 28th June Dinton Report

Click here for the 14th June Maiden Bradley Report

Click here for the 24th May Whiteparish Report

Click here for the 10th May Salisbury Report

Click here for the 26th April Winterslow Report

Click here for the Countryside and Rights of Way Act

Click here for the Rural White Paper

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' The Internet and how to use IT. '
* Verify your Identity for the Internet.
* How to avoid Viruses and Fraud on the Internet.
* How to order Goods and Services on the Internet.
* How to participate in an Auction on the Internet.
Come and spend an hour or more at Village venues
throughout Wiltshire during
September, October and November
(providing that finance is forthcoming and
that there is proven to be a genuine demand)

R.S.V.P to 01794 341405
The smallest things often make the biggest difference.
Supported financially by Community First and CRISP.
Thank you Geoff Corani of RECOMMIT for making the Computers available.

The Train Timetable is here.

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The Rural White Paper - 28th November 2000
Click here for the Rural White Paper

Report on the November 2000 WALC Conference:

Report on the November 1999 WALC Conference:


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