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Community First: Working with Communities in Wiltshire and Swindon CRISP
Community First is an independent, charitable company that strives to promote and support the development of thriving, sustainable communities in Wiltshire. Services are free of charge and open to all groups and organisations seeking to promote community benefit. The Community Regeneration department was set up with funding from CRISP (Community Regeneration in the South West Partnership) and is supported by the Countryside Agency and the local authorities in Wiltshire. It gives advice, professional support and training for projects with a particular focus on community enterprise, credit unions and LETS schemes.


' The Internet and how to use IT. '
* Verify your Identity for the Internet.
* How to avoid Viruses and Fraud on the Internet.
* How to order Goods and Services on the Internet.
* How to participate in an Auction on the Internet.
The last meeting was organised at Winterslow on
Thursday, 26th April

Click here for the report on the 26th April meeting

It's the smallest things that can make the biggest difference.
Supported financially by Community First and CRISP.
Thank you Geoff Corani of RECOMMIT for making the Computers available.

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